I have added photos of Harry arriving at Kendall Jenner’s hotel in London early in the morning on 15th December. Check them out below!

Gallery links:
2013 Candids: 15th December – Arriving at Kendall Jenner’s hotel in London

10 responses to “15th December – Arriving at Kendall Jenner’s hotel in London”

  1. kirah says:

    Harry styles I hope you can put a comment back . You are my favorite band member and also
    I Love to bake cupcakes I really hope you can write back to me

  2. Annie says:

    A usual fan will send death threats to Harry’s girlfriend,but I think they make a cute and a great cupple,no matter how bad I want harry to be mine !!!!!!!!!!!:):)

  3. hi harry
    i have a question for you
    why are you leaving one direction band?
    because i’ve learn’t from my friends to keep moving on

  4. soniya says:

    I love you Harry

  5. nikki says:

    Ok so i was looking at your other comments and is it true your leaving one direction, because that would be so horrible so please conferm for me because i love you and your not aloud to leave or i’ll be like so sad so if you were going to, dont for me
    and one direction. stay!!!!!

  6. nikki says:

    You to are so cute together

  7. makayla says:


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