I have added photos of Harry at a skiing resort in Mammoth California. Check them out below!

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2014 Candids: 3rd January – At a skiing resort in Mammoth California

4 responses to “3rd January – At a skiing resort in Mammoth California”

  1. Annie says:

    Hey harry cognates on dateing kendel Jenner , by the way you met my brothers friend ally that he he’s known scence 5th grade she’s so lucky , can’t wait to see you and the band at the rosebull September 12,2014. I’ll be in section 18-h, row 43, seats 107-108!!!!!! LOVE YOU FOR YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS YOUR #1 ANNIE LYNN GEOSANO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Janelle Whyle says:

    Hi Harry,
    My name is Janelle Whyle. I am thirteen years old and I was born with spina bifida. I have had to have a lot of surgeries and then my grandma died and my parents got divorced. Kids at school make fun of the way I walk. I really like your music. It makes me feel happy when I listen to it, I wish more than anything that I could meet you. My mom bought her and I tickets to your concert in Detroit on August 16th and my dream is to meet, even if it’s only for a second. I think you are awesome. Please call my mom if I can meet you. Her name is Jill and her number is 269-569-1238.


    Janelle Whyle

  3. Anna says:

    Hi Harry, so… I never imagined I’d be writing to you :).
    I’ve a 12 yr old daughter Alejandra (Aly is her preferred name) that I adopted from Colombia Sth America when she was 4 months old. Well Harry, Aly adores 1D & Niall & you & she actually got me to watch ‘This is Us’ & hello… now I’m in love just like Aly with 1D & yeah you Harry, you go ok too haha…
    So what can Aly & I do to meet you boys?
    We are a unique team Aly & I, we live in Australia & prepared to travel.
    And Harry I hear you are a rascal & need to meet the Aly & Anna team

  4. AnastasiaK says:

    When 1D come to Russia? Please, answer my question

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