Caroline Flack reckons her relationship with Harry Styles is similar to a romantic comedy.

Journalist Caitlin Moran Tweeted yesterday that she was watching Kate Winslet’s drama film The Reader – and likened it to Caroline’s romance with One Direction’s Harry, which kicked off back in October when they kissed at a party.

‘I’m currently thinking of it as “Harry Styles and Caroline Flack – The Movie.”,’ Tweets Caitlin, 36.

But Caroline, 32, replies: ‘Nah.. Think mine would be more rom/com…..;).’

Caroline has been the victim of a lot of criticism – including online death threats – over her relationship with Harry, who’s 15 years her junior.

The latest star to voice her disapproval is Rebecca Ferguson, 25, who briefly dated Harry’s then 18-year-old 1D band mate Zayn Malik last year.

‘I think there’s something not right about Caroline and Harry’s relationship,’ Rebecca tells Fabulous.

‘For me and Zayn it was different – he was 18 so at least he could drive over to pick me up, we could go for a drink in a bar together and he was old enough to make his own decisions.

‘But Harry is too young for that.’

Source: Now Magazine

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  1. Julia says:

    Why you love she? She is to old for you! Love you forever Harry!

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