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Harry Styles is the latest actor to go under the sea.

The singer-turned-actor is in early negotiations to play the iconic role of Prince Eric in the studio’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Mermaid, being directed by Rob Marshall, is in the throes of casting, recently finding its Ariel with R&B singer Halle Bailey of Chloe x Halle fame. Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina are also in talks to be part of Disney’s world.

Eric is the human prince who catches Ariel’s eye. The mermaid saves the prince from drowning and then makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula to exchange her voice for legs in order for a chance to make him love her. He is key in the final battle against Ursula.

The casting of Styles and Bailey show the studio’s intent of making the music a central component of the remake. Interestingly, the character of Eric performed no songs in the 1989 original. However, that was remedied in the 2000s Broadway musical, with Eric now performing several, including two solos.

Styles was famously a member of boy band One Direction who then struck out on a successful solo career. He made his acting debut with Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama that grossed over $526 million worldwide and collected several Oscars.

The budding actor had been looking for a new project to take on and even tested for the lead in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. That part went to Austin Butler earlier this week.

The animated 1989 original won best original song and score Oscars for Alan Menken. For the new iteration of the fairy tale, Alan Menken will update his score, and will compose a new song with lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

An early 2020 production start is being planned.

Marc Platt, who worked with Marshall on Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns and exec produced the studio’s live-action Aladdin remake, is producing. Marshall and John DeLuca are also producers Mermaid, as is Miranda.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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June 10 (UPI) — One of the upcoming London episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden will feature a star-studded, U.S. vs. U.K. dodge ball game.

Playing on the American side are former first lady Michelle Obama, actresses Kate Hudson, Melissa McCarthy, Mila Kunis and Allison Janney and actress-filmmaker Lena Waithe.

The British team will include Corden, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, singer Harry Styles, Game of Thrones alum John Bradley and Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts.

Corden is taking his Los Angeles-based talk show to his native England next week. The epic dodge ball game is slated to air on June 17.

The episodes will air on CBS in the United States and Sky One in the United Kingdom.

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  • GMT: 7pm – 2am (UK/Ireland)
  • GMT+1: 8pm – 3am (Spain/France/Germany/Italy)
  • GMT+2: 9pm – 4am (Greece/Finland/Egypt)


  • GMT+3: 10pm – 5am (Saudi Arabia/Madagascar)
  • GMT+4: 11pm – 6am (Moscow, Russia) (Nov. 23-24)
  • GMT+5: 12am – 7am (Pakistan) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+6: 1am – 8am (Kazakhstan/Yekaterinburg, Russia) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+7: 2am – 9am (Singapore/Thailand/Indonesia) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+8: 3am – 10am (China/Philippines/Taiwan) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+9: 4am – 11pm (Japan/South Korea) (Nov. 24)

Australia/New Zealand/Oceania

  • GMT+8: 3am – 10am (Western Australia) (AWST) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+9:30: 4:30am – 11:30pm (South Australia/Northern Territory) (ACST) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+10: 5am – 12pm (Queensland/New South Wales/Victoria) (AEST) (Nov. 24)
  • GMT+13:  8am – 3pm (New Zealand) (Nov. 24)

North America (US/Canada/Central America)

  • GMT-5: 2pm – 9pm (EST) (Northeast/Southeast US) (Ontario/Québec/Nunavut)
  • GMT-6: 1pm – 8pm (CST) (Ontario/Manitoba/Nunavut) (Mexico/Guatemala/Nicaragua)
  • GMT-7: 12pm – 7pm (MST) (Saskatchewan/Northwest Territories/Alberta)
  • GMT-8: 11pm – 6pm (PST) (Yukon/British Colombia)
  • GMT-9: 10am – 5pm (Alaska)
  • GMT-10: 9am – 4pm (Hawaii)

South America

  • GMT-5: 2pm – 9pm (Peru/Ecuador/Colombia)
  • GMT-3: 4pm – 11pm (Chile/Argentina/Paraguay/Brazil)

(If you don’t see your country listed, check this map to find your time) 

1D Day will be broadcast on Google+ and on YoutubeHere is the direct youtube video. Check those pages for the LiveStream!

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Harry Styles has been shortlisted for our Sexiest Men of 2013 poll.

Age: 19
Single? It’s not easy keeping up with Harry’s love life but for the moment at least he’s rumoured to be dating British model Kara Rose Marshall. Who knows in which directions his attention will go next?
See Him Next: In the band’s eagerly-anticipated biopic, One Direction: This Is Us.


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Harry met some fans today, July 31st, in Pleasanton, California. Harry was very nice as always, and took many pictures with the fans. I’ve added pictures of that to the gallery. Check them out!

Gallery links:
2013 Candids: 31st July- With Fans at Pleasanton, California

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One Direction has a new limited edition make-up collection! I’ve added the pictures of the collection to the gallery.

Gallery links:
Merchandise Other: The Limited Edition Make-Up Collection

Hi everyone! I’m Terresa and I’m the newest staff member on this amazing site and this is my very first post:

According to Daily Star, who recently had an interview with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, their third album will be released just in time for Christmas. Louis mentioned in the interview, “We’ve been writing and recording it while on tour. We are really happy with it.” and  “We don’t want to rush it but it will be out for Christmas.” During their Take Me Home tour, they have been recording and writing the album right in their hotel room, thanks to a portable recording studio. We are all hoping to hear more about the album soon!

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The idea of seeing any member of One Direction in any sort of intimate situation is enough for us to make a noise that isn’t human. We’d immediately apologise for it straight after, don’t worry.

So get ready for some weird sounds people, as 1D are going to reveal “intimate moments” in their 3D film. *Hold us, hold us now.*

Speaking to Heat mag, Zayn Malik revealed: “It’s just going to be the stuff you don’t get to see, the day to day waking up in the morning, actually travelling.”

“Intimate moments,” added Louis Tomlinson. *We hope you’re holding us.*

Zayn continued: “To the places we travel, exactly those intimate night times, Louis, thank you.” (Yes, thank you Louis thank you forever.) “The bits you don’t see, the bits in between.”

To which Liam Payne explained that Directioners will get to see that they’re actually just “big d**kheads.” Beautiful.

So how are you feeling about the prospect of seeing the boys in 3D? Will you have to take a team of strong men along to restrain you when you try and climb into Harry’s nostrils?

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2012 has been a massive year for One Direction. They boys went on their first ever tour, won their first Brit, performed at the VMA’s as well as the Madison Square Garden and 2013 is set to bring even more success to our five amazing boys as they embrace on a world arena tour!

Oh behalf of everyone involved in this fansite, I’d like to wish you a happy new year, I hope that all of your dreams come true and fingers crossed that your New Year’s resolutons will work out! I hope you all get to meet One Direction, get a tweet or a follow from one or all of the boys! Happy 2013!

Wishing you a year of health, wealth, happiness luck warmth
And loads of love of your dear ones
Hope the New Year showers you with all that is beautiful
Happy New Year!