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On  September 15 , Harry Styles was spotted exit the Eagles concert with  Cindy Crawford, Rande Geber and family.

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Candids > 2018 > September 15 – Exit the Eagles concert

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On August 18, Harry Styles was spotted at a party for James Corden birthday in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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Candids > 2018 > August 18 – At a party for James Corden birthday in Los Cabos, Mexico

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I have added several sets of photos to the gallery! Check them out below!

Gallery links:
2013 Candids: 13th June – Arriving at a studio in Miami
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Hey guys!
I am well aware that most of you visit the site for latest videos, photos and news and I am so sorry that you haven’t been able to find them here lately.
It’s because I don’t have internet at home and half of the websites are blocked in school and the co-owners don’t have time. Therefore I’d like to say, the photos should be uploaded sometime next week, and as soon as my internet is back, I will have a suprise for you.
Secondly, I’m aware that the form for the giveaway doesn’t work, however I can’t replace it, so you’d just have to go over and email me the answers.

Thank you guys!

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If you’re reading this on tumblr, please click the image above.
Yes! Finally, has a new layout! It was made by the lovely and talented Skyler. We hope that you will carry on visiting the site.
Also, HSF has some new pages for you! There’s the media page, with loads of fan-art, icons, wallpapers; an interact page with loads of fun stuff, like puzzles or quizzes; a magazine, which is still coming soon!

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