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Celebrities and casino gambling

Given how celebrity-fixated the current era is, it seems likely that the rising numbers of stars publicly showing their love for casino games like poker, has contributed almost as much as online casino to the rise in wider public enthusiasm for these games. These are some of the really big name celebrities who make no secret of their passion for the casino.

George Clooney

Somehow George Clooney always looks like someone on his way to a casino, and you can’t imagine him playing online – he has the vintage image of a Vegas or Monte Carlo high roller. Happily it is not just onscreen, in the likes of Ocean’s Eleven that he lives up to this – he actually does love jet-setting round the globe in search of tournaments to play in his spare time. In anyone else this, along with his retro-styled Vegas casino Las Ramblas, might be annoying – but with Clooney, it just seems the way things should be.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is probably one of the most talented of the Hollywood stars who love casino gaming, as he has notched up a number of significant tournament wins. Perhaps the most high profile was at the California State Poker Championship in 2004 (where he beat fellow Tinsel town star Tobey Maguire), as he walked away with $356,000. Meaning he could surely afford to pay back those who sat through the likes of Gigli and Pearl Harbour!

Tobey Maguire

In blockbuster hits like the Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy, Tobey Maguire looked like someone who would burst into tears if you stole his lunch money, but off-screen he has carved out a niche as an ice-cool poker ace. Despite that loss to Ben Affleck at the California State tournament, he has had other impressive victories – notably the Phil Hellmuth Invitational, where he earned the praise of Hellmuth (himself one of the most decorated pros worldwide). You yourself can Play the best online casino games in the UK at they offer a wide selection of slots and traditional casino games.

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