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  • He’s an aquarius
  • His favourite movies are: The Notebook, Titanic, Love Actually
  • His favourite body part is his hands.
  • He’s deeply and madly in love with sweetcorn.
  • His favourite album is 21 by Adele.
  • His best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who he has a bromance with, called Larry Stylinson.
  • He’s got a crush on Frankie Sandford
  • Hisfavourite shop is Selfridges
  • He loves apple juice.
  • His favourite colour is orange.
  • His favourite TV show is Family Guy.
  • Blue by Chanel is his favourite aftershave.
  • Whereas Alien by Thierry Mugier is his favourite perfume.
  • He loves playing Fifa.
  • His favourite iPhone app is Texts From Last Night, where people send in texts that people sent them when they’re drunk.
  • He’d spend a Sunday asleep or chilling.
  • He’d rather go to a restaurant than any other place for a date.
  • His favourite restaurant is TGI Fridays.
  • He loves getting massages.
  • His favourite mode of transport is dog sleigh. Normal.
  • His ideal night out is out for dinner with all his mates.
  • His favourite bands are The Beatles and QUEEN.
  • He wears boxer shorts.
  • His best moment on the X-Factor was singing the charity single.
  • He always bites two Twix bars at the same time, because he doesn’t want the other one to feel lonley.
  • He hates it when his bandmates say f*ck
  • He once set out a bunch of candles on a bridge for his girlfriend, but she didn’t show up. For the rest of the night, Harry kept kicking the candles into the water.
  • His most played song on his iPod is Paradise by Coldplay
  • He would never date someone older than his mum.
  • His first ever word was “cat”.
  • Him and Louis have personal jokes, that no-one else in the whole world would understand, apart from them.
  • He always kisses on the first date.
  • He has 4 nipples.
  • He says that the turn-offs are: swearing and squealing.
  • However, the turn-ons are: giggling, hair extensions, pussy cats.
  • He always wanted to win a girl a stuffed animal at a carnival.
  • He loves girls with a good sense of humour.
  • The first thing he notices about a girl is their eyes. He really likes blue eyes.
  • He has stood up to his manager and told him that Niall and Louis don’t get enough solos.
  • His favourite love song is “Lady In Red” by Chris de Burgh.
  • He can wolf whistle.
  • His secret turn-ons are Spanish and American accents.
  • He isn’t a fan of girls giving him cutesy nicknames like ‘snugglebug’.
  • If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be tacos.
  • He used to vomit before he went on stage due to nerves.
  • He doesn’t wear anything in bed.
  • Harry said he would date a fan “because if you like someone, you like someone. If they’re a fan it shouldn’t make a difference”.
  • He has a cat called Dusty.
  • He can play the kazoo.
  • He likes girls with short hair.
  • He once had a hamster, called Hamster.
  • When he got his latest tattoo (a star), Zayn held his hand.
  • For his 18th birthday, the rest of the One Direction boys threw four buckets of water over him.
  • His idea of a perfect first date would be the class dinner and a movie.
  • On his 18th birthday, there were over 50 trending topics on Twitter.
  • His dream valentines date is Louis Tomlinson.
  • If Harry could be any piece of furniture he would be a bed, because people could have fun times on him.
  • He described himself in an interview as “cheeky, curly, and cheeky again”.
  • If he could meet anyone in the world, dead or alvie, it would be David Beckham.
  • He was in a band called White Eskimo at school.
  • He makes a 2 second appearance in Ed Sheeran’s video for “Drunk”.
  • 63 responses to “Facts about Harry”

    1. lily zhong says:

      wow your an interesting person ;p

    2. Kanani! says:

      Harry Styles is an amazing person! c:

    3. Heather Floyd says:

      harry i’m love your music! you are cute too! and everything you said up there is my type and my phone number is 352-247-0135 and call me please

    4. Peyton Fann says:

      I love u Harry Styles

    5. Talya says:

      I am not a super fan of one direction like I know that some girls are, but I am not going to lie, I think I was actually made for Harry Styles.

    6. jonee ross says:

      I wasn’t a fan of One Direction.. The first time I saw Harry Styles, I started liking and even loving the group.

    7. chloe harrington says:

      harold, i adore this boy, we are just like eachother

    8. natalie says:

      wow his choice iz just like mine I luv him

    9. yajairy says:

      harry styles i am your #1 super fan and i love you and your music i hope someday i can meet you

    10. tahli.ward says:

      Hi harry hope your reading this, i totally think were made to be with the short hair and i dont like swearing and squealing.
      I think i am YOUR number 1#.

      P.S. i LOVE you alot were meant to be
      pls reply


    12. katie says:

      im not a harry lover im a niall lover but my best friend is i love one direction and if u guys ever stop being one direction i will die they r my life when i herdabout 1D i was way happyer with my life

    13. Sapphire says:

      Hi Harry I really luv u and those things well pretty much like me haha u r so cute and hers my adress if u ever want to meet me by urself or with the boys don’t care ok.

      mk404ft Bedford henly road 26 thxx

    14. Shelby Styles says:

      Its way more than love for me, i cant even explain how much i more than love him, hes my world <3 he means everything to me, whenever he sings its like an angels voice! hes behond adorable 🙂 hes just soo amazing every thing about him is just behond :')

    15. Kat says:

      He seems like a really cool person. I’m not saying I’m in love with him or anything, because admit it, you can’t say your in love with somebody if you’ve never met them. But it’d be great to get to meet him and get to know him, and hang out. (:

    16. shelby leann says:

      harry made my wan to be a singer
      i love harry

    17. allie says:

      Harry dont listen to any other fan i am your #1 fan i know your hometown fave color your aquarius i follow you on twitter liked you on facebook im wearing your fave color to your concert on july 8th in pittsburgh i know your sisters name i know you middle name and so so so much more I LOVE YOU and im also not one of those stupid fans that run down the street after you im not obsessed your my idol your who i look up to and i just love you and all of your mussic.

    18. ashley hibbert says:

      Harry Styles is just like me

    19. grace styles says:

      were almost twins age doesnt matter maturity is a chioce
      – harry styles harry talked to me on fb hes not dateing taylor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Lottie tomlinson says:

      Whahaha harry is cool i see hij tomorrow XD

    21. sogol says:

      Omg! I love Harry! He is the most interesting and the loveliest boy ever!

    22. amy says:

      I like harry he is really cute.thoe i dont get the big deal here, if u love someone u do ok, but u cantif u dont kno him dat well, ya u hav his posters ya u have his info fave coulor, star sign ya but u dont know his personality unless u av met him. i wouldnt go running at him and tear his head off i wud get to know him…. still he is toats adorable!:)

    23. Bianca Vella says:

      Harry you sound like a really really nice person and I bet you are..
      I wish I could meet you someday!
      I love u sooooo much…
      Love Bianca

    24. Carly says:

      Guys stop saying that ur just like Harry, u wouldn’t know until u met him, then u can see if u have stuff in common……but from now on NONE OF YOU ARE

    25. J+S= says:

      I think that you guys should stop telling him you love him, because there are other people out there you know. People that are obsessing over you right now. People that actually know you. I think you should focus on them and not people you don’t REALLY know, and don’t REALLY love. And don’y get me wrong, I like One Direction too. I’m a big Fan. But i won’t lie and say i spoke to him on facebook/twitter/through emails and everything. And I definitely try not to get obsessed, because it’s harder to let go when you grow too attached: Loving someone that doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus. The tighter you hold the more it hurts. Lotsa love, Jizzy <3 🙂 I'm on facebook too: Jizelle Keet

    26. Gracie!!!!! says:

      Harry I am your mega extremely #1fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. jess says:

      Sorry Carly, But I would just like to say no one if perfect! No one knows that ‘Harry Styles’ or the rest of one direction have the same things in person. But don’t let that spoil your dreams. Everyone has there own dreams and some people follow then. Just because people are famous doesn’t mean there a different person!

    28. Hannah says:

      I don’t really like at all Harry but I do like your songs. My friend Antonia Zais loves on of your band members Niall and his Irish accent. We live in LaVale, MD, Antonia lives at 108 Woodlawn Ave.

    29. Hannah says:

      I don’t like 1 Direction they are almost all gay but friends love you guys they are to afraid to speak so I’m doing it for them.
      Reavyn Wolford-Zayne
      Antonia Zais-Niall
      Jocie Weston-Niall. My address is LaVale,Md
      124 Park Ave.

    30. I am ur #1 fan I love all of the 1D songs I love when u said u love girls with sort hair and I just love hearing u and 1d sing ur songs….


    31. Hannah says:

      Hey harry I’m not a super fan but I could live on tacos to and I luv ur hair

    32. sian styles says:

      I love u harry!!!!!!( I HAVE BLUE EYES!!!!!) :*

    33. Lily Kelly says:

      I’m not a one direction fan, infect I even hated them when they first came out, but after my friends making me read this I realize I have a lot in common with this “cheeky” boy. (Or at least that’s what it said)

    34. Mrs. Styles says:

      Okay, those of you who are saying you know everything about him, uhm, of course you do because they basically said it all up there! And seriously? “OMG I am your #1fan and the one for you!” There are PLENTY of girls out there who think they are, when there is always one topping them. Lol Harry I’m not a completely over-obsessed girl over you, BUT, I have a MAJOR crush on you. <3 And no I'm not a fan (a thingy on the ceiling that blows air). It's called a devoter and admirer. Lol Love you Harry Styles ;). <3 Forever & Always <3

    35. pink styles says:

      Hi i love u harry. U fans out there never give up ur dreams of meeting one direction cause i would love to go to the concert with my best friend chlo i would so love to meet u harry:-D:-D:-D:-D<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    36. Alexis Adams says:

      hey my friend finds yu very interesting ad i find you charming lets get together sometime

    37. Clariza says:

      Nice 🙂 a bit sad coz i dont have blue eyes :)) , but quite helpful tho

    38. Samantha says:

      I think harry is very very good person cuz not every one has a talent like him.

      p.s.follow me on twiter.ו×

    39. Samantha cruz×•× says:

      Herry is a very very talented person cuz not every one has talent like him.

      p.s.follow me on twiter.ו×

    40. Kaila says:

      How does he think long extentions are turn on but likes girls with short hair??

    41. Winter Styles says:

      I and many other 1D fans out there can agree that Harry Styles and the rest of the band are the cutest,sweetest,most loyal,most honest,most talented band EVER!!!:)

    42. Tiffany Berryman says:

      I love u Harry u litterally saved my life no joke

    43. tea says:

      I love orange. But most of all i love harry

    44. tea says:

      I love orange love it. But i get y harry won’t date me becuaz he likes boys. Lol Jk

    45. I know the Mostly, but it’s still Lovely ♥

    46. Cupcake (Nickname) says:

      Well, I only went on this for my best friend, some facts are how I am. Not saying I meant to be with “Harry Styles”. I just think we could be best friends…. hopfully.. (;
      Well, that’s all I wanted to say lovely’s!
      Bye ! 😀

    47. Mehakrao says:

      Hi harry I am dam big fan of ur and zayn I am 14 year old I love you so much and zayn I most cute in one direction is u harry than zayn after zayn is Liam than Louise and than Niall I wish I could meet u right now but I am ur #1 and I wish I was ur age to date u so are so cute when ever I look at your pics you picx kill me be coz it so mad cute I wanna go out with u but I can’t love you more than anyone harry I love more than ur girlfriend lol I love you so so so much harry

      Love mehak

    48. Yesenia says:

      Can you kiss me yes or no I love you

    49. mitzi says:

      I lo ve you harry styles you are hott.

    50. mitzi says:

      I lo ve you harry styles you are hott i lo ve tour songs.

    51. brooke says:

      Harry I love you and I love you for who you are and not because your in a band and I’m not obsesses your my idol I don’t scream or sequel over you I just be myself and if you like me you like me and if you don’t then you don’t!

    52. Precious and rebekka says:

      Fascinating facts about Harry some very surprising some general.

    53. Chloe says:

      Harry styles I really like u and think ur hot too and ur amazing and ur my best celeb and I really won’t to meat u some day but I bet that’s not going to happen xx

    54. brenna says:

      I Have almost everything in common with him omg and I have an American accent and really blue eyes with grey in them

    55. sierra Denton says:

      I have short hair and I have a good since of humor my eyes change from green to blue and I have extensions

    56. This is probably the most funniest website ever because these girls are actually think they have a chance with Harry Styles an saying things like “oh me and Harry have soooooooo much in common” and “OMG!1!1!1!1!!!1!!! Me and Harold are almost the same. We sHould geT maRrIeD!!!!!” Like calm your tits down stop obsessing over a boy who will probably never know your name. I’m not hating on Harry because I have to say I’m a fan too, but not a screaming annoying 9 year old girl staying up at night crying over Harry Styles. Stop staying up all night and writing how he’s your soul mate, he’s not an go get a life and start doing something in this world!!!! If you really want One Direction to notice you do something to help make the world a better place. Maybe then they’ll notice you!!! Well I have to go and have fun with my life( and not cry over Harry styles in my room like you guys) so remember stop crying and do something!!!!!

    57. Yavi says:

      I wish i could meet him in person but i know i wont ='(

    58. Negar says:

      Its 2018 and i still love him
      Adore u harry and im so proud of you
      You did what u want and thats amazing
      I love your album and i wish i could be in one of your concerts😢

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