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The Ultimate Directioner quiz’s Which One
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Why are YOU a fan?

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  1. […] some new pages for you! There’s the media page, with loads of fan-art, icons, wallpapers; an interact page with loads of fun stuff, like puzzles or quizzes; a magazine, which is still coming […]

    • Harry Styles says:

      Hi there. I’m Harry Styles. I usually don’t make contact with many fans, but you really stood out to me. Just know that you’re beautiful and no one can ever take that away from you. Stay true to yourself, and never give up on anything no matter what. I can’t give you my phone number for various reasons. But thanks for the comment! Live while you’re young. 😉

      Harry Styles

      • KAiley says:

        Hey Harry I have a big problem I want to go to your concert but I can’t because my family is running out of money and I have tried everything to bake sales to car washes plz help 🙁 🙁 🙁 !?!?!?!?!?!? HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. esha rout says:

    hi harry,i m one of ur biggest fans ever,i can give my life for u,just wanna talk to u once,plz plz give ur number….???

  3. Rebecca Doherty says:

    Hi I would really like a real signed autograph for my neice for christmas, how do I go about getting one?

  4. Em says:

    Hey, I made a fan page for Harry Styles fans on instagram – harrystylelovie <– follow me <3

  5. Em says:

    * harrystyleslovie <—

  6. Nat Styles says:

    Hey harry boo! I love you sooo much my my twitter is dedicated to you and i love you soo much and i cried because i was going to the 1D concert then my auntie closed her corporate box down :'( i love you!! xxx

  7. Kayla Mueller says:

    im so writing a fanfic about this boy I think hes interesting, ill even put him and Louis bromance

  8. Kayla Mueller says:

    p.s. you must love your fans

  9. Kayla Mueller says:

    I have a question my friend said she was talking to Liam and you on kik is that true? jet name it’s torey and she sent you a pic… Idk if it’s someone else

  10. sara styles says:

    I love 1D!! What makes them beautiful? Everything! Stay awesome guys! And too all you haters stop being rude to my guys. They are pretty much my family. Before you speak or type think of how you would feel if someone said those things about your family. Love you directioners!!!!!

  11. Mollyeva says:

    I have amazing Harry Styles signs just like the Brandy Melville signs!!!! Pls msg me for pics!

  12. elizabeth says:

    I kind got alot of questions is this the real harry styles. Can u guys send me a sighned pictrue. Write back

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