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One Direction – That Moment – Full Film
News written by: Maja
Posted on 03/31/2014

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Comment written by: Willow, 04.04.2014 at: 03:10:02

Harry u totly suk I do not like your hair and u sooooo stole a move from a dead guy and then u re- named it. So my concloshen is u suke big time. Like really who steals a move from a dead guy. He was in a rock band and that move was for the rock music and now u ternd it in to the pop music move though it was orignoly the for the rock music. WOW loser

Comment written by: Willow, 04.04.2014 at: 03:12:14

Harry can not make up his on move. He should drop the stolen move a get a now one.

Comment written by: Ester, 25.04.2014 at: 21:39:03

I loveeeee