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One Direction’s You & I Official Music Video
News written by: Maja
Posted on 04/18/2014

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Comment written by: Justice, 18.04.2014 at: 21:36:06

I loved that video

Comment written by: Dirk Timmerman, 23.04.2014 at: 17:25:56

Dear all,

Last year I have opened the One Direction pop-up stores in Belgium (1D WORLD BELGIUM), The Netherlands (1D WORLD HOLLAND) and France (1D WORLD PARIS) and I have to admit that I’ve discovered a new teenage generation of One Direction fans, called 1D FAMILY.

With this beautiful experience and to coincide the Where We Are Tour, I will prepare a book called TOUR MEMORIES BY 1D FAMILY where I need the support from the fans of One Direction :

– on the one hand, I need tour memories from fans who have seen concerts at the Where We Are Tour
– on the other hand, I would like to do mail interviews with fans asking them questions on their experience with One Direction

Can you please inform me :

– if you can support me with mail interviews from yourself and fans
– if you can launch a call on your website asking questions to submit tour memories for the book

Look forward to work with you and hope to hear you soon.

Kind regards,
Dirk Timmerman

Comment written by: Kristin Donaldson, 12.05.2014 at: 21:17:31

I loved this music video by the boys and Harry was overall the best 😉