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The couple are said to be developing true feelings for each other, despite widespread criticism of their age gap.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack might have come in for a bit of ribbing off the media over their relationship, but according to friends of the couple they don’t care – and are starting to develop real, strong feelings for each other.

Xtra Factor presenter Caroline, 32, and One Direction singer Harry, 17, were first linked together several months ago after being spotted kissing on a night out.

They were then see having dinner together, before snaps of them leaving each other’s flats after spending the night emerged.

And now it seems that the couple have moved past the casual dating stage and are actually starting to properly fall for each other.

A friend of Caroline’s reportedly told Heat magazine: “At first neither of them saw it as anything more than a fling. But now Caroline has been telling her friends that she’s really into him.”

Another friend added: “Neither of them has said it [I love you] to each other, but it won’t be a surprise when they do. We think this couple will be around for a while.”

It certainly seems like things are heating up; Harry is believed to have taken things to the next step and invited Caroline to meet his parents this Christmas.

But with his mum Anne said to be far from impressed with the pairing and keen for Caroline to “back off” that’ll be one awkward Christmas dinner we could certainly do without being at…

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