admin / 15 December 2011

The couple are said to be keen to get to spend some quality time and really “get to know each other” without the prying eyes of the media.
Two’s company: Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are said to be planning a weekend away together

Caroline Flack and Harry Styles are reportedly planning to jet off for what some people might call a “dirty weekend” together, so the couple can really get to know each other properly.

Caroline, 32, and One Direction singer Harry, 17, have been liked together for several months now after being spotted kissing and enjoying dinner dates.

Last week the couple were also seen leaving each other’s flats after staying the night – shortly after Xtra Factor presenter gave a revealing interview, speaking out about the people who have criticised their relationship because of their 15 year age gap.

Now according to sources the couple have decided not to listen to anyone else’s opinions, and are planning a romantic mini break in Paris or Rome, to spend some alone time together.

A insider is quoted telling Star magazine: “Harry and Caroline can never spend any time together without being hunted down, and they really want to get to know each other without distractions.

“Caroline has been working flat-out on Xtra Factor, so now that has finished she’s got a bit of time.”

The source added: “It’s likely they will head off somewhere not too far away, like Rome or Paris. They want to go somewhere they can really escape the media for a bit.”

It looks like Harry might have to convince his mum Anne that going away on holiday with Caroline is a good idea first though, as she’s said to be less than pleased about their pairing.

A source was recently quoted in Star saying: “Anne doesn’t want Harry to end up getting hurt. Caroline is a worldly woman, who is never short of male attention.”

They added: “Anne just feels Harry needs to stick to girls his own age and says Caroline should back off!”

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