admin / 25 March 2012

She hasn’t addressed the controversial romance since they broke up in January. But two months on, Caroline Flack has broken her silence on her three-month-fling with Harry Styles.

The 32-year-old said she couldn’t believe the fascination with their relationship and that in the future she would try and keep her private life from the public eye. The Xtra Factor Host, who is 14 years Harry’s senior, escaped to Africa after the break up to work with families less fortunate than herself.

She told The People: ‘Everyone had an opinion on me and Harry, which was the hardest thing.

‘I suppose they’re entitled to their opinions but it was really I tough. I learned the hard way. I learned a very difficult lesson but I suppose looking forward it isn’t a bad lesson to learn, is it?’

The star added: ‘In future the easiest thing is that I keep it to myself. I can’t believe how much attention there was on me.

‘I’ve been in Africa for a month with friends and it has been incredible to get away. We were helping people in the villages so it was a great experience.’

But Harry appears to have moved on already as he tours the U.S. with his bandmates.

The teenager turned up to a radio interview in Pennsylvania holding a massive poster of a bikini-clad Kim Kardashian. He had stuck a post-it note on it which said: ‘Call me, Maybe?’ And his bandmate Niall Horan tweeted her sister Khloe, asking her and husband Lamar to go to their concert in Dallas, where they live.

Caroline this week tweeted her support for the band after they made history by becoming the first UK group to top the US album charts with their debut album.

She wrote: ‘Incredible news for One D!!!! HUGE news x’

Source: DailyMail.Co.Uk