admin / 13 December 2011

The 32-year-old has been consistently ribbed on the show after her alleged kiss with the One Direction star several weeks ago, with X Factor judge Louis Walsh a particular fan of making jokes at Caroline’s expense.

If Flack was hoping the end of the current X Factor series would bring an end to the jokes she was sorely mistaken, with an appearance on BBC2’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks proving to be another opportunity to poke fun at the apparent romance.

Guest presenter Rhod Gilbert introduced Caroline with a reference to the pair’s 15-year age gap, saying: ‘She’s a thirty-something TV presenter rumoured to be dating teenage heartthrob Harry Styles after they shared a love of food.

‘She taught him to eat an oyster – he gave her a mouthful of his McFlurry.’

When the camera panned back to Caroline she looked decidedly unimpressed, but that wasn’t the end of her ordeal at the hands of Gilbert.

Later Caroline was mocked for her alleged dalliance with Prince Harry in 2009, with Rhod Gilbert holding up carrots of various sizes in an effort to get Flack to spill the beans on the size of the ‘crown jewels’.

There was more embarrassment in store with the final next lines round, with Caroline’s team having to guess the next line from One Direction song What Makes You Beautiful.

But while Caroline merrily hummed along to the track her knowledge of the boy band clearly isn’t as good as you might expect – the TV presenter couldn’t remember the next line of the song.

The ribbing came the day after Louis Walsh mocked Caroline once again after the X Factor final, telling her he was ‘too old’ for her after Flack complimented his ‘rather suave’ jacket.