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2012 Candids: 22nd October – At Louis’ football match for charity

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As you probably heard, it is rumoured that Harry is dating a Made In Chelsea star, Caggie Dunlop, 23. Harry, Louis and Caggie went out to the Dorsia Club in London on the 5th July; check out the pictures!

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Their Story, Songs, Style & Secrets!
Plus: Over 175 Hot Pics and Fun Facts about Each Guy

(NEW YORK, June 6, 2012) –In just two years, the One Direction gang – Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry – have gone from being X-Factor contestants to becoming the hottest boy band on the planet. They’re racked up hits, their live tour created an international sensation, and they’ve mesmerized millions of devoted fans who just can’t get enough of the charming quintet. In honor of 1D Mania – and the band’s U.S. tour ending in August – PEOPLE magazine celebrates with a special collector’s issue featuring a giant pullout photo, more than 175 hot photos, and fun facts about each guy.
Highlights from PEOPLE’s One Direction Collector’s Special:

HARRY: The backstory on the boy with the megawatt smile who’s become one of the band’s biggest heartthrobs. So what’s next for the singer, who brings big sister Gemma, 21, on tour with him and who – while traveling – stays close to his mom with frequent text messages? “We want to have No. 1’s, travel a lot, go back to America and have as much fun as possible,” the singer said. “I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”
Fun facts: He speaks French; he can juggle; his celeb crush is Rhianna.

LOUIS: 1D’s funniest member is notorious for spending the most time doing his hair and splurging on clothes. And he seems to be looking for a girl a lot like himself. “I like someone who doesn’t take like too seriously,” he tells PEOPLE. “Someone you can have a good laugh with.”
Fun facts: He likes to surf and bungee jump; his first celeb crush was Emma Watson; he’d want Leonardo DiCaprio to play him in a movie.

ZAYN: He has movie star looks and a quiet demeanor, and can’t get enough of fashion, video games, and his four “brothers” in the band. “Before doing X Factor, I hadn’t done anything that required me to speak in front of cameras,” Zayn explains. “I had confidence issues. The X Factor helped me with that.”
Fun facts: He can’t swim; he can read Arabic; he’s afraid of heights.

LIAM: He’s known as the mellow, serious one, but Liam is also a proven fighter – battling bullies, stage fright, and a harrowing health crisis as a child. The athlete of the band, in high school he played basketball and succeeded as a long-distance runner. And when bullies started to pick on him, he learned how to box to defend himself. “I wanted to become a boxer,” he said, but that all changed once X Factor came calling: “You can’t turn up onstage with bruises.”
Fun facts: At 5’11”, he’s the tallest 1D member; he nearly became an Olympic runner; he broke his nose boxing.

NIALL: A native of Ireland and the lone blond of the band, Niall is the most laid-back if 1D and the biggest foodie – plus he plays guitar. He also trained as a jockey as a kid. Talking about things he’d love to splurge on one day, he tells PEOPLE, “I’ll probably end up buying a few racehorses.”
Fun facts: He’s dyed his hair blond since he was 12; his celeb crush is Demi Lovato; he’s claustrophobic.

PEOPLE’s Special Collector’s Issue on One Direction is on newsstands June 8 – June 29.

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One Direction singer Harry Styles has reportedly been given a talking to by their management team.

The teenager has allegedly been spending time apart from his bandmates and partying with DJ Nick Grimshaw and other stars.

When on tour the lads are tight, but their team are worried that Harry is starting to move away from Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.

The management’s fears were increased when Styles decided to move into his own apartment, after sharing with Louis.

A source told Heat magazine: “Harry has been given a dressing down in recent weeks.

“It was noted that he’d broken away from the band a bit and, with their American tour in progress and dates in Australia to follow, the boys really need to be acting like a unit.”

One Direction have enjoyed international success and their US tour is going well.

The insider added: “The boys are set to become the biggest boyband in the world this year and it’s no time for individual egos.

“This was made very clear to Harry. He was told he needs to start being a team player and that’s that.”

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The One Direction star, who split with Caroline Flack, 32, last month, spent Valentine’s night partying at London’s Groucho Club with Alexa – and it seems they’ve struck up a solid relationship.

‘Sure?’ Harry, 18, Tweeted to the 28-year-old model.

Though Harry and Alexa only chatted and were joined by mutual friend and radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, 27, on their evening out, Xtra Factor host Caroline is said to be upset that her ex spent 14 February with another woman.

‘Caroline’s pals with Nick, so when both Harry and Alexa were guests on his Radio 1 show earlier that evening, she thought the trio would probably end up going out,’ says our source.

‘But obviously Caroline doesn’t like seeing Harry with a model – who would?

‘It’s embarrassing because people will speculate.’

Source: Now Magazine

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Maude: How do you guys like the United States?
Harry: We love it.
Liam: It was a shock to get to the airport and actually see that the fans have grown from 40 people to like 500. It’s amazing.
Louis: And also you can’t beat the weather. Coming from the UK where it’s freezing cold.
Harry: We’re wearing little tee shirts and everyone’s wearing coats.
Maude: What were your first impressions of each other when you guys got thrown together as a band? Do you all get along?
Zayn: Before we got together as a band we were kind of each other’s competition because we’re from the same category [on X Factor]. But as soon as we got put together we all got on really well. We all went to Harry’s place and stayed there together to get to know each other.
Harry: We were all going through this new experience, we all kind of entered it in the same mindset. It was like we were all starting school.
Louis: Similar ambitions, similar goals. I suppose that’s why we got on together.
Liam: For first impressions, I think you [Louis] were the most different from what we thought you were. When I first met you, you were so quiet, so down played. I think it was after we left the coffee shop in Birmingham, where suddenly this character came out of nowhere.
Louis: Yea, I was quite quiet at boot camp. But as far as first impressions for me, I thought Zayn was more quiet. The more I get to know Zayn, he’s definitely not quiet. Harry was still quite charming, pretty boy. Niall was loud, really loud. Honestly, I would have gone away thinking Niall was the king of boot camp. He was the leader of boot camp.
Maude: How involved is Simon in your lives now? Harry: Simon kind of hung back a bit and let us do what we wanted to do with it. I think that was good because it made things a bit more authentic. He still has the last say on everything we do. Louis: He’s the boss.
Maude: What famous person have you met so far that’s given you the biggest thrill?
Zayn: I was a big Michael Jackson fan and we got Jermaine Jackson on the X Factor.
Louis: For me, Robbie Williams was a massive influence when I was growing up. But also Cheryl Cole. Being in her presence was intimidating, because she’s so hot.
Harry: When we first met Simon, we’d go into the dressing room and talk to him normally. And then we came out, we’d be like, “we’ve just been in the same room as Simon Cowell, had some bananas…it was so weird!”
Liam: Robbie Williams is a big one for me. As well as Bon Jovi. We got to perform with him during a group song.
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Remember that photoshoot for We Love Pop? I am now providing you with large photos in our gallery! Check them out!

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As we head towards Valentine’s Day, newly-single Harry Styles has been speaking about his ideal woman, and, just as we suspected, he has an eye for the more mature lady.

The One Direction star revealed his dating desires during a recent interview with We Love Pop magazine and he said that while he doesn’t worry about age, he would draw the line at dating someone older than his 43-year-old mum – phew!

He insisted: “I love cougars though. Age is nothing but a number.”

Harry was recently spotted enjoying a birthday dinner with his parents, but although they are extremely close, he said it wouldn’t put him off a girl if his mum disapproved.

“It wouldn’t affect it too much, because if you like someone you like someone,” the heartthrob said.

While Harry is a true romantic, he isn’t a fan of pet names.

“If she called me something like ‘snugglebug’ it would make me cringe.”

Following his recent split from 32 year old Caroline Flack, Mr Styles will spend Valentine’s Day in Paris with his 1D bandmates – how cute.

Such a shame he doesn’t have a lucky lady to shower his affections on as he loves romantic gestures.

Speaking in One Directions Valentine’s Day Cambio blog, he said the most romantic thing he has ever done was set candles up on a bridge over a stream for an ex girlfriend.

Sadly, all his efforts went to waste when the young lady in question stood him up. Bet she regrets that now!

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