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Boy band One Direction will star in a 3D concert movie, Box Office Mojo reported Friday.

The movie will be released Nov. 8, 2013 by Sony, according to Mojo.

There was no immediate confirmation from Sony Pictures, and the movie announcement is not among the company’s recent news releases.

The band will be on a world tour in 2013, tentatively beginning June 13 at Fort Lauderdale and ending Aug. 8 in Los Angeles.

The singers got their start in 2010 as contestants on “The X Factor.” They finished third in the group category.

Their first album, “Up All Night,” was released in November 2011. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

The album produced four singles, “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Gotta Be You,” “One Thing,” and “More Than This.”

admin / 20 May 2012

Harry Styles’ mum Anne Cox reckons any girl who gets the chance to embrace the One Direction singer is very lucky.

She may be biased, but Anne thinks that her 18-year-old son is the greatest cuddler around.

‘He gives the best hugs ever,’ says Anne.

‘I love hugging and kissing him when he comes home.’

Anne describes ‘sensitive’ Harry as a mummy’s boy and says he’ll sometimes phone her up to 5 times a day when he’s on tour.

She credits his 1D band mates Louis Tomlinson, 20, Zayn Malik, 19, and 18-year-olds Liam Payne and Niall Horan for keeping him happy during his long periods away from home.

‘He’s a very caring and lovely guy,’ says Anne.

‘Being in the group is the best thing that could have happened to him, because Harry wouldn’t enjoy being out on the road on his own.’

admin / 20 May 2012

Harry Styles can add One Direction band mate Niall Horan’s dad to his long list of admirers.

Butcher Bobby says Harry is a ‘special friend’ to Niall, 18, and will always make an effort when he visits Ireland.

‘From toddlers to older ladies, Harry knows how to charm them,’ says Bobby, 51.

‘He’s very good with all ages of people.’

Niall has even been teaching 18-year-old Harry, who’s often considered 1D’s front man, how to speak his dialect.

‘Harry’s a lovely, well-mannered, well-brought-up lad,’ says Bobby.

‘He behaved himself so well.

‘He always gives you a big hug every time her sees you.

‘He and I converse in Irish – he even texts me in Irish!’

admin / 19 May 2012

Justin Bieber and the One Direction may have become close friends after they hung out in the US earlier this year but Bieber could soon be outshone by heartthrob Harry Styles in the popularity stakes.

According to Star magazine, Harry has been told he could be just as big as Bieber in the US, if he plays his cards right.

A source said: “Harry was told he can be as huge a global star as Justin. He laughed about it, but he has started to realise there is real truth in that.”

Rumours emerged last month that Styles and his lovely barnet were set to go solo, leaving the One Direction lads all by themselves.

The insider insisted: “He loves being on One Direction so it’s unlikely he will leave permanently, but he definitely wants to do some stuff on his own too.”

The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ boyband are set to follow the likes of Adele and Foo Fighters by performing at the Roundhouse in Camden, North London for the iTunes festival in September.

The show will be the first time 1D have performed in the UK since the end of their Up All Night tour in January.

Speaking to The Metro, Harry Styles described the band’s excitement for the show: “Every year we see some of our favourite bands and artists on the bill so to be a part of the line-up this year is obviously incredibly exciting and we’re hugely grateful for the opportunity.”

The former X Factor group will join fellow headliners Jack White and Norah Jones at the festival, with Usher kicking off proceedings on the opening night of the event.

Therefore, ignore all the rumours. It is said that Harry won’t be going solo with his music but with his acting.

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Well, the voting for our biggest celeb battle ever has officially commenced. And not gonna lie, it’s been pretty goshdarn fun for us editors to watch you die-hard fans duke it out for your faves. We got over 400 comments and 27,000 votes, you guys!!! HUGE! But um, we have a surprise for you…

The competish is not over yet! Now we’re going into round 2, with the best of the best still competing for the title. So yes, you Rushers and Beliebers went way hard for round 1, but surprise! There’s more voting to do, people!

So vote AGAIN for your fave among the top 5 and we promise next week we’ll announce one official winner. Voting ends Thursday, April 19 at 12pm ET so go go go!!!

Right now, we’re second, so come on, vote and let’s get us, Directioners to the first place!

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Australian Albums Chart
1 Drinking From The Sun – Hilltop Hoods
2. Up All Night – One Direction
3. 21 – Adele
4. Port Of Morrow – The Shins
5. Bangarang EP – Skrillex
6. Wrecking Ball – Bruce Springsteen
7. Born To Die – Lana Del Rey
8.Ultimate Hits: Rock And Roll Never Forgets – Bob Seger
9. Doo-wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars
10. Falling & Flying – 360

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When you’re a celebrity who’s become a sex symbol, there are certain rites of passage that you go through that are indications that you’ve become sex symbol: Strangers ask you to marry them. Fans want to grope you and kiss you when you go out in public. And there’s one other rite of passage that shows that you are a sex symbol to many: People start spreading rumors that you are secretly gay.

And so One Direction has joined the “celebrity sex symbol” ranks as “gay gossip” rumors have run rampant among numerous One Direction fans who believe that One Direction’s Harry Styles, 18, and Louis Tomlinson, 20, are in a secret gay relationship. One Direction has now commented on the rumors.

Fans have been posting online a lot of fan fiction and videos depicting Styles and Tomlinson as a couple in love — and giving them the couple nickname Larry Stylinson.

Styles and Tomlinson were roommates at a luxury apartment building in London where the rest of members of One Direction live in rented units, until Styles moved out and bought his own apartment nearby.

Tomlinson once told The Sun: “The worst thing about living with Harry is the constant stream of women he is getting through the door. It’s relentless.”

On March 24, 2012, One Direction addressed the gay rumous in an interview with Dallas TV station KXAS (NBC 5).

Payne said, “The fans actually make these things. It’s quite cute, actually. It’s funny. They make these things like bromances between us, like, mold our names together.”

Tomlinson commented on the rumors that he and Styles are gay lovers: “Some people genuinely think that we’re in a relationship. I was looking at this thing the other day.”

Styles said, “I saw that, by the way.”

Tomlinson added, “They genuinely, seriously think that we’re in a relationship. It’s so funny!”

Payne then said, “You are though, aren’t you?”

Malik chimed in and said, “I’ve seen a video which was actually quite strange. It was me and Harry, but the music in the background was so romantic and slow. And they had cutaways of interviews where we just looked at each other.”

Styles said, “I made that video.”
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She hasn’t addressed the controversial romance since they broke up in January. But two months on, Caroline Flack has broken her silence on her three-month-fling with Harry Styles.

The 32-year-old said she couldn’t believe the fascination with their relationship and that in the future she would try and keep her private life from the public eye. The Xtra Factor Host, who is 14 years Harry’s senior, escaped to Africa after the break up to work with families less fortunate than herself.

She told The People: ‘Everyone had an opinion on me and Harry, which was the hardest thing.

‘I suppose they’re entitled to their opinions but it was really I tough. I learned the hard way. I learned a very difficult lesson but I suppose looking forward it isn’t a bad lesson to learn, is it?’

The star added: ‘In future the easiest thing is that I keep it to myself. I can’t believe how much attention there was on me.

‘I’ve been in Africa for a month with friends and it has been incredible to get away. We were helping people in the villages so it was a great experience.’

But Harry appears to have moved on already as he tours the U.S. with his bandmates.

The teenager turned up to a radio interview in Pennsylvania holding a massive poster of a bikini-clad Kim Kardashian. He had stuck a post-it note on it which said: ‘Call me, Maybe?’ And his bandmate Niall Horan tweeted her sister Khloe, asking her and husband Lamar to go to their concert in Dallas, where they live.

Caroline this week tweeted her support for the band after they made history by becoming the first UK group to top the US album charts with their debut album.

She wrote: ‘Incredible news for One D!!!! HUGE news x’

Source: DailyMail.Co.Uk
admin / 24 March 2012

One Direction are celebrating after going down in history as the first UK act ever to enter the US Billboard 200 chart at number one with their debut album.

Despite loving life in America, the icing on the cake for Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan would be to come home to Britain and perform at one of the biggest and most prestigious events of the year – the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert.

Gary Barlow is organizing the music spectacular and he has made no secret of the fact he is a huge fans of the 1D boys, recently Tweeting: “Another big congrats to @onedirection on their US success.America loving our boy bands.Maybe I’ll get me cycling shorts back on!! #ornot”

Gary has pulled together an incredible line-up for the celebratory concert, which takes place on June 4, including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Sir Tom Jones, JLS, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Dame Shirley Bassey and Sir Cliff Richard – could One Direction be next on the bill?

A concert insider told The Mirror: “Obviously Gary has close connections with Simon Cowell and The X Factor, and is keen to get One Direction signed up.

“A few things need to be moved around but hopefully the boys will be signed up by the end of the month.”

Harry confirmed the group would love to perform at the concert, especially if they could take to the stage with Paul McCartney.

He said: “I’d love to meet Her Royal Highness. And I grew up listening to the Beatles ’cos my dad used to play them over and over again. I still listen to them now. They’re quite an inspiration. It’d be amazing if Paul McCartney was up for doing something… I love him. That would be incredible. We’ve got a lot of big plans but I’m sure anything would be struck out of the diary if an invitation came along.”

Gary is working tirelessly to ensure the special free event will be a fitting showcase of the best of British talent to mark 60 years of the Queen being on the throne.

The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and other royals will attend the event, which will be staged at the Queen Victoria memorial at the end of The Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace, which Gary describes as “the best backdrop in the world.”

Source: Entertainment.Stv.Tv
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One Direction is getting tons of invitations for personal appearances now that the band has become a massive hit around the world. But will the group make time for invitation to visit an “X Factor” U.S. audition?

A cheeky but somewhat serious Twitter message from “The X Factor” U.S. indicates that the invitation has gone out to at least one member of One Direction: Harry Styles.

On March 21, 2012, “The X Factor” U.S. tweeted this message after news broke about One Direction being the first U.K. group to have its first album debut at No. 1 in the U.S

“@Harry_Styles we’re still waiting to hear which audition city you want to come visit us at 😉 After this news we owe you a jump high five!”

“X Factor” auditions for 2012 are currently under way in the U.K. and the U.S.

It would seem natural for One Direction to visit the U.K. auditions first, but the group will not be able to attend the U.K. auditions in 2012 due to work commitments in North America.

As for the U.S. auditions in 2012, here are the possible dates that One Direction could attend:

May 1, 2012: Greensboro, North Carolina – Greensboro Coliseum
May 9, 2012: Providence, Rhode Island – Dunkin’ Donuts Center
June 18, 2012: San Francisco, California – Cow Palace (auditions in front of judges)*
July 8, 2012: Greensboro, North Carolina – Greensboro Coliseum (auditions in front of judges)*
July 9, 2012: Greensboro, North Carolina – Greensboro Coliseum (auditions in front of judges)*

*(Only if a One Direction concert tour date is not added here.)

The judges do not attend open-call auditions, so it would make more sense for One Direction to go to any of the auditions where Cowell will be at, namely in San Francisco on June 18 or in Greensboro on July 8 and July 9. If anyone can make a One Direction “X Factor” audition visit happen, Cowell can.

Source: Examiner.Com