admin / 21 February 2012

Today on February 21, 2012 One Direction was able to lift the Brits for Best British Single for their song What Makes You Beautiful. The amount of tears I cried for them was astronomical. I am SOOOO proud for these boys and it’s not just me who made this all possible. We, the Directioners fandom, all came together and voted our ASSES off for these boys. Guys, it paid off. Look at them. Their reactions. We did them proud. I have never seen such a big smile on there faces before, and it’s all because of us. We did it. The 1D family lifted the Brits.

I’d just like to say something. CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE DIRECTION FOR WINNING THEIR FIRST EVER BRIT! We, Directioners, are extremly proud of you and we’re really happy to see you lift up that Brit. I, myself, have cried when you walked on that stage. To see how far you have become in such a short period of time, it’s amazing! We love you!