By admin on July 7,2020 • Comments Off on Dream With Me – Harry Styles

Having trouble sleeping? With the dulcet tones of this English pop star, sweet dreams are guaranteed.

“Hello, I’m Harry Styles and tonight I’m going to help you drift off to sleep.”

Are they the words you want to hear as soon as you slide into bed? If so, the newest “Sleep Story” on sleep and meditation app Calm is for you.

The 40-minute recording, Dream With Me, has been narrated by pop star – and perhaps the internet’s most treasured Brit – Harry Styles.

It includes breathing exercises, visualisations, and some charming rhymes – all to the backing of music much more calming than Styles’s infectiously feel-good album Fine Line.

Dream With Me – Harry Styles is part of Calm’s paid, premium subscription content. But you can sign up for a seven-day free trial here.