admin / 1 February 2012

Thank you for everyone who took part in this video. Unfortunately, some pictures were not able to be added because they were sent in after the due date or there was an error. Click more to see the messages, since not all were included in the video! We are having technical issues with the video, therefore we will have to tweet Harry a happy late birthday sometime this week.

We just want to say – happy 18th birthday Harry, have a wonderful day and enjoy another year of your life. We’re here to support you throughout whatever you do!

Happy birthday Harry! I’m so glad your mum gave birth to you – you are special! Love you always! xoxo

first of all Happy Harry
I’m a 14 years girl & one of yr biggest fans & I’m from IRAN.
U are my Idol like…I don’t know how to explane, you’re the best & I’m really excited because I really don’t know what to say.Just I love U & Happy Birth Day love! <3 Dear Harry ,, i wish you the biggest happy birthday on Earth ! Enjoy Your'e Day & Never Get Board Of Being ?_¦ ?? -›Happy BirthDayTo Our Inspiration , Hero , The Awesome Harry Styles ‹- Happy Birthday Harry! I'm seriously obsessed with you and one direction. You all have amazing voices. Your hairs perfect too. Haha, well have a great 18th birthday! Love, Maddie. ¦ xx HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!! I hope you have an AMMAZAYN day and get all you wanted!! Your lovely, and soo cutee! Your smile is adorable and i hopee you have a wondefull birthday, get all the presents you wished for ;)xxxx I love your; eyes;hair;smile;teeth;body;curls;personality and honestly, your perfect<3 I love you<3 Happy Birthday Harry, Have a great day and now you can enjoy a drink!!!!!!! I love you so much so i hope you have the 18th birthday ever,mwah xxxxxxx Happy Birthday Harry. Hope your day is filled with a bunch of happiness. 🙂 Happy Birthday Harry Hope you have a Brill day....Love from OxSuexO and all Irish fans xD xxxxxxxxxxxx I just wanna wish him a happy birthday wherever he is & that I love him so much, that he is very talented & such a charmer. Don't matter what he does I will always be there to support him. (: Happy B-day Harry! have a nice day and a great year, much love from Chile! Happy Birthday Harry! I can't even begin to explain how much I am grateful for you and the rest of the boys. Your voice continues to astound me. I hope I get the chance to meet you one day! Have a wonderful 18th birthday. Happy 18th birthday Harry! I love you soso much. you're incredibly amazing and I hope one day you will notice me. I hope all your birthday wishes come true & I hope you have a great birthday<3. x (: Harry, I wish you a Happy Birthday and all your dreams come true ! Love you - Margot that love you 😀 ¦¦¦ HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! THIS DAY IS YOURS Happy Birthday Harry! We wish you all the best and we want you to be happy forever! We'll love you and support you till the end! happy birthday harry!!! i wish you the best and that you will be Always happy:) i hope that one day you and one direction will show in israel¦¦¦ Happy Birthday Harry, with all my love! Hope u'll be as a nice driver as now when u'll be 18! 😉 Happy birthday! i love you and one direction 😀 Happy birthday harry, your amazing, i hope you have a fab day love Chloe wakely xxxxxxxx Happy Birthday Harry! Have a great day and enjoy it, from an Australian Fan, Harry we wish you the best forever and always!! We love you, and hope you have an amazing day!! From your biggest Brazilian fans 🙂 Dear Harry: Thank you for being who you are, make me laugh a LOT, and teach me that we have to ALWAYS smile no matter what! I will always support you no matter what!! Smile always like you do, be a flirt 😉 hahaha and LOVE LOVE cats Happy 18th Birthday honey! Have fun!! Love you so much!! Happy birthday babe! Have an incredible day! Lots of love HAPPY 18th STYLES! hope all your birthday wishes come true and you have a really great day! lots of love from Danah (: xx