admin / 29 December 2011

CAROLINE FLACK reportedly spent Christmas round toyboy Harry Styles’ mother’s house. The two ladies chatted, laughed and drank as Harry played with his presents.

The 32-year-old (right) has taken no end of flak for letting a 17-year-old take an end of Flack.

Critics have called her all sorts of outlandish names – like a cougar, a cradle-snatcher, even a presenter.

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Flack spent several nights at the Styles family home and was spotted heading only in One Direction – Harry’s bedroom. However, it’s unlikely any hanky-panky took place as she was given the bottom bunk.

Even doctors have warned Flack off young Styles. She took some aspirin for a hangover and on the bottle it said, ‘Keep away from children’.

Ladbrokes offer 16-1 for Harry to pop the question to Flack in 2012.

The question is likely to be, “Are we there yet?”