admin / 5 January 2012

We all know One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are inseparable but it seems that Larry Stylinson might be about to become official. According to the Daily Star, they’re thinking about buying the flat they live in together.

Their first home. Ah we can picture it now… Louis choosing the kitchen cabinet colours, Harry nailing up framed pictures of them, fresh bread baking in the oven…

All of 1D live in close proximity in a plush development with Harry and Louis sharing a penthouse pad. Apparently, Harry and Louis have fallen in love with their house which used to belong to Ashley Cole when he first met Cheryl Cole ten years ago.

The boys are renting the North London flat for £3,000 a week but are reportedly thinking about buying it for the full £3 million. Excuse us while we faint.

A source for the Daily Star said, “Harry and Louis are living the life of luxury and loving every single minute.
They had a wild bash with Louis hiring a coach to bring his old school chums.” They’re referring to 1D’s wild NYE house party…

“Harry was telling everyone he’s fallen head over heels for the flat, and loved the fact Ashley Cole used to live there. Most lads dream of lording around a footballer’s pad, so Harry and Louis have earned bragging rights.”

Now boys if you just pop a spare key in the post addressed to SUGARSCAPE we’ll pop around and check the flat for signs damp and window insulation out for you before you buy. Someone’s got to do it.

Source: SugarScape