admin / 28 December 2011

Watch out, Harry Styles! It seems Caroline Flack is on the lookout for a husband.

The 32-year-old TV presenter has revealed she’s keen to start a family.

‘One day I’d love to settle down with someone,’ says Caroline.

‘I’d like my twin sister Jo’s life. She’s got a lovely partner, a gorgeous house and two kids.

‘That’s definitely the next step for me.’

In the meantime, 17-year-old One Direction hottie Harry being too young to go clubbing and drink booze works in their favour.

The youngest 1D star is not 18 until 1 February 2012, but Caroline’s had enough of wild nights on the town.

‘I’m hanging up my party shoes. I can’t take the hangovers anymore,’ she tells Fabulous.

‘I’d much rather have a night in with a film and a bowl of lettuce.’

Source: NowMagazine