By admin on December 12,2011 • Comments Off on Harry Styles: I once told a girl I didn’t fancy I was gay

The One Direction boys get a LOT of attention from the ladies so it’s inevitable, and unfortunate for most of us, that they’re going to have to turn them down from time to time. If only we could clone them eh?

But Harry Styles has, or used to have we should say, his own little way of rejecting the opposite sex.

According to Teen Now, Harry has taken to telling fibs about his sexual orientation! He said: “I told someone I was gay once.”

We suppose it’s one way of letting someone down gently…

He can’t use this excuse any more though can he? We all know he likes the ladies, the older ones in particular.

Guess he’s just going to have to man-up and tell the truth in future. Or make up some sort of contagious disease, not that it would be much of a deterrent to most of his fans.

Source: Sugar