admin / 8 February 2012

Harry Styles might be busy touring the USA with One Direction, and being given the eye off hotties like Katherine Schwarzenegger, but it seems the 18-year-old just can’t take his mind off Caroline Flack.

TV presenter Caroline, 32, and Harry, split recently, as the band headed off to try to crack the US.

But Harry – who insisted he didn’t “dump” stunning Caroline after their short, highly publicised romance – is rumoured to have realised that breaking up was a huge mistake.

“Harry believed it was the right decision at the time,” a source told Star magazine. “But in hindsight he thinks it was a bad move.

“He hopes they can get back together when the time is right.”

Poor Harry has reportedly been on the phone non-stop to Caroline since arriving in the States, admitting to her they made a “big mistake” breaking up, and telling friends: “I miss her even more than I ever imagined I would.”

Meanwhile, Caroline has been spotted letting her hair down and hitting the town with friends in recent week, following the split – but it looks like she could be having second thoughts too.

The pair are rumoured to have been planning to meet up when One Direction jetted back to the UK last weekend for their appearance on Dancing on Ice.

And the brunette beauty is also said to be getting ready to give Harry a very special 18th birthday present she picked out for him before they broke-up.

“She planned the gift long before they split. She initially thought it would be best not to give it to him, as he said he wanted distance, but after thinking long and hard about it she decided she does want him to have it,” the source added.
Source: Entertainment