admin / 27 January 2012

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack (Pics:Splash)

For the whole time they were dating, Harry Styles refused to comment on his relationship with Caroline Flack. But now that the mismatched pair have split up (is it bad to want to write ‘yesssss’ at this point?), he’s suddenly spoken out and made a direct statement about the fact that he ‘didn’t dump’ his ex-missus.

Last night, the Mirror revealed that Harry, SEVENTEEN, had dumped Caroline, THIRTY TWO, in order to fully enjoy One Direction’s tour of the States next month.

But unhappy with sources claiming he ‘doesn’t want to be tied down’, Harry tweeted at 1am (on a school night!) this morning: “Please know I didn’t ‘dump’ Caroline. This was a mutual decision.”

Harry added: “She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Please respect that.”

Well at least Harry has finally confirmed that they were even dating in the first place – we always had that little bit of doubt because it was a bit weird.

Harry and Caroline were first spotted kissing at an X Factor party in October 2011 and have been spotted on dates, in cars and pretty much everywhere else since. The pair have never openly confirmed their relationship – until now – although Caroline has commented in the past that she ‘there isn’t anything wrong’ with dating a younger man.

And although they were dating for around three months, a secret source close to Harry said it was distance that finally split the pair up. Secret source said: “Harry is being realistic about the whole thing.

“He’s going off to America in a couple of days and he wants to be able to commit fully to making the band a success in the States.

“They’ll be back for the Brits, but all in all they’ll be away for two months. It’s a long time to be apart especially with so much going on Harry’s young. He’s just not ready for a long-distance relationship.

“He really likes Caroline and he doesn’t want to hurt her. But he doesn’t want to be tied down.”

Given that Caroline is yet to join Harry in tweeting about the ‘mutual’ split, we’re inclined to believe secret ninja source.

Source: Mirror