admin / 21 June 2012

Days after Zayn got his new microphone tattoo, Harry got some new ink, too!
Harry Styles of One Direction has been showing off his new tattoo! Harry and Zayn Malik have both gotten new tattoos from legendary tattoo artist Kat Von D… Will the rest of the boys follow suit?

Harry’s newest tattoo, a scroll of text next to the star on his upper arm, reads “Won’t Stop Till We Surrender.”

Zayn’s freshest ink is a microphone, also on his arm. Rumor has it, Zayn is the resident “One Direction Bad Boy!”

Fans are starting to wonder if this is a trend among the rest of the band members. Will Louis, Liam and Niall start getting inked up as well? OceanUp reported that during a concert on June 16th, the rest of the band lovingly teased Zayn about his microphone tattoo, so we don’t think the other three boys are in any rush to get permanent art!