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When you’re a celebrity who’s become a sex symbol, there are certain rites of passage that you go through that are indications that you’ve become sex symbol: Strangers ask you to marry them. Fans want to grope you and kiss you when you go out in public. And there’s one other rite of passage that shows that you are a sex symbol to many: People start spreading rumors that you are secretly gay.

And so One Direction has joined the “celebrity sex symbol” ranks as “gay gossip” rumors have run rampant among numerous One Direction fans who believe that One Direction’s Harry Styles, 18, and Louis Tomlinson, 20, are in a secret gay relationship. One Direction has now commented on the rumors.

Fans have been posting online a lot of fan fiction and videos depicting Styles and Tomlinson as a couple in love — and giving them the couple nickname Larry Stylinson.

Styles and Tomlinson were roommates at a luxury apartment building in London where the rest of members of One Direction live in rented units, until Styles moved out and bought his own apartment nearby.

Tomlinson once told The Sun: “The worst thing about living with Harry is the constant stream of women he is getting through the door. It’s relentless.”

On March 24, 2012, One Direction addressed the gay rumous in an interview with Dallas TV station KXAS (NBC 5).

Payne said, “The fans actually make these things. It’s quite cute, actually. It’s funny. They make these things like bromances between us, like, mold our names together.”

Tomlinson commented on the rumors that he and Styles are gay lovers: “Some people genuinely think that we’re in a relationship. I was looking at this thing the other day.”

Styles said, “I saw that, by the way.”

Tomlinson added, “They genuinely, seriously think that we’re in a relationship. It’s so funny!”

Payne then said, “You are though, aren’t you?”

Malik chimed in and said, “I’ve seen a video which was actually quite strange. It was me and Harry, but the music in the background was so romantic and slow. And they had cutaways of interviews where we just looked at each other.”

Styles said, “I made that video.”

Styles’ most recent girlfriend was “The Xtra Factor” co-host Caroline Flack, 32. Their controversial romance lasted from October 2011 to January 2012. Styles said on Twitter that their breakup was a mutual decision.

Styles has also told the media that he “loves cougars” (women who date younger men), and that he is open to dating older women, as long as they are not older than his mother, who is in her early 40s. In interviews, he has said that his celebrity crush is 23-year-old Frankie Sandford of the Saturdays. In March 2011, he did interviews where he asked Kim Kardashian (who is 31) to call him, and he admitted that he would have sex with actress Sofia Vergara (who is 39) if he had the chance.

It’s interesting to note that there have been several major boy bands from the past 30 years who have had a member come out as gay, years after the boy band’s career peaked. They include Lance Bass of ‘N Sync, Ricky Martin of Menudo, the late Stephen Gately of Boyzone, Mark Feehily of Westlife and Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block. All of them said that when they were at the height of their teen-idol/boy-band fame, they pretended to be straight or did not reveal their true sexuality to the public because they thought that coming out as gay would hurt their careers.

And then there are other boy bands whose members have all identified themselves as straight, including Backstreet Boys, JLS, Take That and the Jonas Brothers.

So what do you think about the rumors about Styles and Tomlinson? Do you think they are secret gay lovers or are close platonic friends?

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