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Is it hot in here or is it just One Direction? Probs the second one. We just got off the phone with these 5 hot British boys (we wish we could capture their accents in this interview!) and we’re still sweating a little just knowing how hot the guys on the other end of the phone are. These cuties are already huge in the UK, but they’re about to be just as major here in the US once they start their American tour with Big Time Rush (!!!) in February and release their album, “Up All Night,” in March. So if you’re not already, it’s time to get acquainted, ladies.

What do Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liamhave to say about BTR, Justin Bieber, American girls and their dream girl? Good thing we got the scoop! Oh, and they may or may not have talked about bras… We are SO happy to have you in the US! Why do you think your American fans will love your album, “Up All Night?”
Harry: I think what the American fans will like about our album is it’s quite fun and everyone in America seems really fun. I think it’s the kind album you can put on in a party, you know? Yeah! Is this tour going to be your first time in the states?
One Direction: We’ve been out to LA to record the album last time, so some of our songs were actually recorded out there. This will be our first tour in America, which is massively exciting. Cool! So what’s your favorite thing about America?
One Direction: The passion for being American is pretty good. Everyone in America is so proud to be an American. The food’s good, the weather’s good. Everyone’s really polite, everyone’s always really happy. In America, whatever you need, you can get it. Places that don’t deliver in the UK deliver in America. American girls are beautiful. They’re really hot. Their accents are hot. Um, no, your accents are hot! Is there anything that’s better in England?
One Direction: Uh, that’s a tough question. Football is better in England. I mean, soccer. So you’re touring with Big Time Rush! Do you watch their show on Nickelodeon?
One Direction I like cartoons. But Zayn watches Big Time Rush What other teen shows are you guys into? Glee, maybe?
Zayn: Yeah, I used to watch Glee, I thought it was great. They performed on The X-Factor, so we got to see them live. Other than BTR, what other teen acts would you love to collaborate with?
One Direction: Bruno Mars. Great songs, great stage presence, an unbelievable performer. His vocal is absolutely flawless. You know he’s nominated for a bunch of Grammys, right? Who are you rooting for at the Grammys?
One Direction: Bruno Mars and Coldplay. Katy Perry is good.
Louis: I LOVE Katy Perry! I think she’s great. Ok, so there’s a lot of other British boy bands coming out now like The Wanted and JLS. What makes you guys different?
One Direction: I think we’re kind of more like the boys you go to school with. Like we’re a bit more rough around the edges. We’re the boys who, if there’s a bra thrown on the stage, we pick it up and make a joke out of it, you know? Haha. Good to know! But what about in terms of music?
One Direction: I think we’re a bit less synth. We like our music to be driven by guitars and heavy drums. It’s a bit more of a rockier edge. Do you think you’re ready for heartthrob status all over the US?
One Direction: I don’t think we can really get ready for it. We know that America is obviously massive, we know it’s going to be a lot of hard work and it’s a completely different world out there. We’re gonna come over and we’re gonna work as hard as we can and do our best. We’re really excited. We’ve been really excited about seeing all on fans on Twitter and all the people who’ve showed interest on Youtube. Speaking of Twitter, how do you think a 1D fan can get your attention on Twitter?
One Direction: The thing that usually stands out for us is when people say stuff that makes us laugh. And a lot of the time, when you’re going through your Twitter feed, it’s nice to just see someone just asking how you are. You know? “How are you today?” That’s always a nice one. You know? You know? Haha! Do you hope One Direction Infection will reach Bieber Fever proportions all over the world?
One Direction: Yeah. He’s a massive success and if we can emulate any of the success he’s had, we’d absolutely love that. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for. Yay! So before we go, very important question. Who’s your celeb crush?
Zayn: Megan Fox.
Louis: I’m gonna go for Katy Perry. Katy Perry Or Natalie Portman.
Liam: Kim Kardashian.
Niall: Demi Lovato.
Harry: I like Alexa Chung. What about real-life girls? Do each of you have a type?
Zayn: I thought I had a type, but I don’t really have a type anymore. I just look for a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously and is up for having a laugh. She’s gotta have a good sense of humor.
Harry: I’m not really particular what kind of girls I like, looks-wise. People appreciate brown or blond hair, or whatever color eyes. I like a girl that has a good sense of humor and not take life too seriously.
Liam: I like girls to be a bit more shy, and quite cute. I really like girls that have really nice eyes.
Niall: I like girls that are cute, shy, but someone you can have a good laugh with at the same time. And she’s gotta be smaller than me, because it kinda gets awkward when they’re taller.