admin / 20 May 2012

Harry Styles can add One Direction band mate Niall Horan’s dad to his long list of admirers.

Butcher Bobby says Harry is a ‘special friend’ to Niall, 18, and will always make an effort when he visits Ireland.

‘From toddlers to older ladies, Harry knows how to charm them,’ says Bobby, 51.

‘He’s very good with all ages of people.’

Niall has even been teaching 18-year-old Harry, who’s often considered 1D’s front man, how to speak his dialect.

‘Harry’s a lovely, well-mannered, well-brought-up lad,’ says Bobby.

‘He behaved himself so well.

‘He always gives you a big hug every time her sees you.

‘He and I converse in Irish – he even texts me in Irish!’