admin / 9 January 2012

Harry Styles has a lot of hair to lose.#

Harry Styles’ luscious locks could be under threat from his One Direction band mates.

The boys have revealed that to keep themselves entertained while on tour, they’ve been misbehaving with the hair clippers.

‘We’ve all just been having a lot of fun in the dressing rooms, getting up to mischief,’ says Harry, 17.

‘We turned to shaving each other while we’ve been asleep.’

But Harry’s curls – which were voted 8th best celebrity hairstyle of 2011 – should be safe, as the boys have agreed the hair on each other’s heads is out of bounds. (For now…)

Nonetheless, Zayn Malik, 18, confessed to grooming his own nipples, while cheeky Harry admitted to making his mark on his band mate’s leg.

‘Liam was asleep and Zayn shaved a slit in his eyebrow,’ Harry tells BRMB.

‘And then Zayn was asleep and I shaved my initials into his leg hair.’

Source: Now Magazine