admin / 27 February 2012

HARRY STYLES is leaving One Direction – but only to move into his own bachelor pad.

The singer is still in the band but has spent the past few months looking to move out of their shared rented apartments in north London and has got himself on the property ladder.

Housemate and bandmate Louis Tomlinson will be able to sit in their front room in his pants eating cornflakes again.

Louis said the worst thing about living with Harry was the “constant stream of women coming through the front door”.

A source said: “Harry has enjoyed his time in the One Direction apartments but feels it’s time he got his own space. He’s made loads of money and has been encouraged to invest it — rather than splash out on things.

“He also knows the flat will impress girls. It’s pretty special.”

Harry is hoping to move into the property over the next few weeks. He has already been eyeing up furniture and gizmos online.

His bandmates won’t have to travel far to see him as Harry is only down the road in east London.

He’ll have to usher out the copious amounts of women who are bound to stay over first though — and some of the new Primrose Hill pals he’s starting to knock about with.

Given the price Harry has paid — £575,000 — it’s clear the band are raking in serious cash.

The lads could be about to make even more money, as their first single in the States landed at No28 in the Billboard charts — and that’s without any radio airplay.