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The ‘Gotta Be You’ singers’ 2012 calendar triumphs in online retailer’s countdown.

One Direction have achieved the top selling calendar of all time according to online store

The boy band beat two efforts from fellow X Factor contestants JLS and piped Cheryl Cole’s 2011 calendar, which sits at the number two spot.

The top ten countdown also featured teen sensation Justin Bieber and two places each for Take That and Cliff Richard.

One Direction are currently putting the final touches in place as they prepare for their UK tour which begins on Sunday (18th December).

The boys have been busy tweeting pictures of their rehearsals in anticipation of the outing.

The list of’s best selling calendars of all time:

1. One Direction 2012 Calendar
2. Official Cheryl Cole 2011 Calendar
3. Official JLS 2011 Calendar
4. Official Cliff Richard 2011 Calendar
5. JLS 2010 Calendar
6. Official Take That 2010 Calendar
7. Official Take That 2011 Calendar
8. Official Justin Bieber 2011 Calendar
9. Official Cliff Richard 2010 Calendar
10. JLS 2012 Calendar

Source: CapitalFM

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Harry Styles has let One Direction fans in on a secret – that he likes to swim with no clothes on.

The cheeky 17-year-old, who’s got a habit of blurting out personal facts on Twitter, revealed the news to his 1,217,635 followers last night.

‘Skinny Dipping never hurt anyone!!,’ he Tweeted.

But we’re not totally sure the curly-haired singer understands that skinny dipping actually means totally starkers.

1D’s Liam Payne, 18, once let slip that when the boys enjoyed a naked dip in Aberdeen, Harry decided to keep his shoes on!

‘I didn’t want sandy toes,’ Harry explained.

Source: Teen Now Magazine

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The couple are said to be developing true feelings for each other, despite widespread criticism of their age gap.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack might have come in for a bit of ribbing off the media over their relationship, but according to friends of the couple they don’t care – and are starting to develop real, strong feelings for each other.

Xtra Factor presenter Caroline, 32, and One Direction singer Harry, 17, were first linked together several months ago after being spotted kissing on a night out.

They were then see having dinner together, before snaps of them leaving each other’s flats after spending the night emerged.

And now it seems that the couple have moved past the casual dating stage and are actually starting to properly fall for each other.

A friend of Caroline’s reportedly told Heat magazine: “At first neither of them saw it as anything more than a fling. But now Caroline has been telling her friends that she’s really into him.”

Another friend added: “Neither of them has said it [I love you] to each other, but it won’t be a surprise when they do. We think this couple will be around for a while.”

It certainly seems like things are heating up; Harry is believed to have taken things to the next step and invited Caroline to meet his parents this Christmas.

But with his mum Anne said to be far from impressed with the pairing and keen for Caroline to “back off” that’ll be one awkward Christmas dinner we could certainly do without being at…

Source: Entertainment

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The ‘Gotta Be You’ star’s figure has been damaged by the weather.
One Direction’s Harry Styles has revealed that he is planning to help restore bandmate Niall Horan’s Barack Obama waxwork after it became damaged.

The ‘Gotta Be You’ singer was given the figure for his birthday, but it has begun to show signs of ware after Niall elft it on his balcony.

“I like him out there because you can see people doing a double take then looking confused,” Niall said.

“He’s beginning to feel the effects of the weather though. I don’t think he’s supposed to be left in the open.”

Harry added: “We’ll have to buy some specialist varnish for Niall’s next birthday. Obama’s going to need a bit of a refurb.”

Meanwhile, Harry was among the male artists who made it into Capital’s round-up of the best male music stars of 2011.

One Direction released their debut album ‘Up All Night’ last month.

Source: CapitalFM

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The couple are said to be keen to get to spend some quality time and really “get to know each other” without the prying eyes of the media.
Two’s company: Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are said to be planning a weekend away together

Caroline Flack and Harry Styles are reportedly planning to jet off for what some people might call a “dirty weekend” together, so the couple can really get to know each other properly.

Caroline, 32, and One Direction singer Harry, 17, have been liked together for several months now after being spotted kissing and enjoying dinner dates.

Last week the couple were also seen leaving each other’s flats after staying the night – shortly after Xtra Factor presenter gave a revealing interview, speaking out about the people who have criticised their relationship because of their 15 year age gap.

Now according to sources the couple have decided not to listen to anyone else’s opinions, and are planning a romantic mini break in Paris or Rome, to spend some alone time together.

A insider is quoted telling Star magazine: “Harry and Caroline can never spend any time together without being hunted down, and they really want to get to know each other without distractions.

“Caroline has been working flat-out on Xtra Factor, so now that has finished she’s got a bit of time.”

The source added: “It’s likely they will head off somewhere not too far away, like Rome or Paris. They want to go somewhere they can really escape the media for a bit.”

It looks like Harry might have to convince his mum Anne that going away on holiday with Caroline is a good idea first though, as she’s said to be less than pleased about their pairing.

A source was recently quoted in Star saying: “Anne doesn’t want Harry to end up getting hurt. Caroline is a worldly woman, who is never short of male attention.”

They added: “Anne just feels Harry needs to stick to girls his own age and says Caroline should back off!”

Source: Entertainment

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Harry was seen leaving the Movida Nightclub in London on 10th December. More pictures to come soon! I have added more pictures!

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The ‘Gotta be You’ singers are busy in rehearsals in preparation for their first outing on Sunday.

One Direction’s Harry Styles has admitted the boy band “can’t wait” for the start of their UK tour on Sunday (18th December).

Taking to his personal Twitter account, Harry took a moment to update his fans on the group’s progress and posted a picture of a very relaxed looking Zayn.

“More tour rehearsals!! Six days left before the first show…can’t wait. Zayn’s hard at work in preparation,” he tweeted.

The ‘One Thing’ singers will head to Watford for their first show before wrapping things up in Belfast early next year.

Earlier, Liam also posted a picture from rehearsals showing a tatty looking Louis with the caption: “Louis was attacked by a bear .”

Meanwhile, One Direction also posted messages of congratulations for X Factor winners Little Mix .

Source: CapitalFM

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The 32-year-old has been consistently ribbed on the show after her alleged kiss with the One Direction star several weeks ago, with X Factor judge Louis Walsh a particular fan of making jokes at Caroline’s expense.

If Flack was hoping the end of the current X Factor series would bring an end to the jokes she was sorely mistaken, with an appearance on BBC2’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks proving to be another opportunity to poke fun at the apparent romance.

Guest presenter Rhod Gilbert introduced Caroline with a reference to the pair’s 15-year age gap, saying: ‘She’s a thirty-something TV presenter rumoured to be dating teenage heartthrob Harry Styles after they shared a love of food.

‘She taught him to eat an oyster – he gave her a mouthful of his McFlurry.’

When the camera panned back to Caroline she looked decidedly unimpressed, but that wasn’t the end of her ordeal at the hands of Gilbert.

Later Caroline was mocked for her alleged dalliance with Prince Harry in 2009, with Rhod Gilbert holding up carrots of various sizes in an effort to get Flack to spill the beans on the size of the ‘crown jewels’.

There was more embarrassment in store with the final next lines round, with Caroline’s team having to guess the next line from One Direction song What Makes You Beautiful.

But while Caroline merrily hummed along to the track her knowledge of the boy band clearly isn’t as good as you might expect – the TV presenter couldn’t remember the next line of the song.

The ribbing came the day after Louis Walsh mocked Caroline once again after the X Factor final, telling her he was ‘too old’ for her after Flack complimented his ‘rather suave’ jacket.


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Perou was the amazing photographer who photographed One Direction! It’s a new photoshoot, so check out the amazing, high quality outtakes!

EDIT: I have also uploaded more photoshoots from 2011.

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