admin / 10 February 2012

As we head towards Valentine’s Day, newly-single Harry Styles has been speaking about his ideal woman, and, just as we suspected, he has an eye for the more mature lady.

The One Direction star revealed his dating desires during a recent interview with We Love Pop magazine and he said that while he doesn’t worry about age, he would draw the line at dating someone older than his 43-year-old mum – phew!

He insisted: “I love cougars though. Age is nothing but a number.”

Harry was recently spotted enjoying a birthday dinner with his parents, but although they are extremely close, he said it wouldn’t put him off a girl if his mum disapproved.

“It wouldn’t affect it too much, because if you like someone you like someone,” the heartthrob said.

While Harry is a true romantic, he isn’t a fan of pet names.

“If she called me something like ‘snugglebug’ it would make me cringe.”

Following his recent split from 32 year old Caroline Flack, Mr Styles will spend Valentine’s Day in Paris with his 1D bandmates – how cute.

Such a shame he doesn’t have a lucky lady to shower his affections on as he loves romantic gestures.

Speaking in One Directions Valentine’s Day Cambio blog, he said the most romantic thing he has ever done was set candles up on a bridge over a stream for an ex girlfriend.

Sadly, all his efforts went to waste when the young lady in question stood him up. Bet she regrets that now!

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