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The 1D3D movie trailer shown on the Today show this morning gave a new extended preview of the upcoming One Direction movie coming out in August.

The first One Direction 3D movie trailer that was released earlier today!

In the trailer shown on the Today show, Directioners get another look at the hotly anticipated movie.

The 1D3D movie promises the opportunity for fans to “see the world through their eyes,” showing some of the amazing behind-the-scenes footage of their Madison Square Garden show, as we hear about how, even though they’re missing their families, they’ve “become literally like brothers.”


The movie’s release date is August 30, 2013. It’s going to be one hot summer!

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The idea of seeing any member of One Direction in any sort of intimate situation is enough for us to make a noise that isn’t human. We’d immediately apologise for it straight after, don’t worry.

So get ready for some weird sounds people, as 1D are going to reveal “intimate moments” in their 3D film. *Hold us, hold us now.*

Speaking to Heat mag, Zayn Malik revealed: “It’s just going to be the stuff you don’t get to see, the day to day waking up in the morning, actually travelling.”

“Intimate moments,” added Louis Tomlinson. *We hope you’re holding us.*

Zayn continued: “To the places we travel, exactly those intimate night times, Louis, thank you.” (Yes, thank you Louis thank you forever.) “The bits you don’t see, the bits in between.”

To which Liam Payne explained that Directioners will get to see that they’re actually just “big d**kheads.” Beautiful.

So how are you feeling about the prospect of seeing the boys in 3D? Will you have to take a team of strong men along to restrain you when you try and climb into Harry’s nostrils?