By admin on October 10,2012 • Comments Off on Harry Styles’ Birthday Project 2013

About last year’s birthday project: Thank you to everyone who sent in their videos, paintings, pictures, messages, they were all amazing! However, you must wonder, why you haven’t seen the birthday video, am I right? The truth is that the video wasn’t long, it last for about 5 minutes, however the size of it was massive and YouTube wouldn’t upload it. I tried to upload it from different computers, I tried editing out some bits, making the video size smaller but none of this worked. To this day, the video is on my old computer, waiting to be uploaded.

For Harry’s 19th birthday, the project will be the same. You can submit things like:

  • Personal messages
  • Videos of you wishing him happy birthday (no more than 30 seconds!)
  • Edits
  • Pictures of you holding your signs up
  • Some examples from last year:

    Happy Birthday Harry, with all my love! Hope u’ll be as a nice driver as now when u’ll be 18! 😉

    The deadline for getting your stuff in is 15th January 2013.
    If you are below 13, please make sure you have your parents’ consent.
    Please try and not to add a twitter name on your work since all the accounts will be listed in the video anyway.
    If the form below doesn’t work, please use this and email it to with your picture/video/audio attached along with the email.

    Video/Picture link:
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